Exhibition at Museums

• Byzantine Museum in Athens. “Salvador Dali”
• Leventis Museum in Cyprus. “Salvador Dali”
• National Gallery in Thessaloniki.
“Salvador Dali” SALVADOR DALI – “THE MYTH OF SURREALISM” Exhibition of sculptures from private collection of the famous worldwide artist Salvador Dali. The events were under the auspices of the Ministries of Culture of Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus, as well as the Municipalities. The exhibition held at the Byzantine & Christian Museum in Athens was visited by 105.000 people (duration 3 months)

Hellenic Museum in Melbourne

The Hellenic Museum was founded in 2007 by Spiros Stamoulis and embodies a commitment to Greek History, Art, and Culture. It is housed in the former Royal Mint. Since surveying Melbourne, 1836, the location has played a historical role. “AMBASSADORS OF CONTEMPORARY GREEK ART, THREE GENERATIONS OF PAINTERS” Exhibition of 26 famous Greek Painters with 45 Art Works. Under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Organization of Greece. The exhibition’s aim was the promotion of Greek Art in Melbourne. It was inagurated by the Premier of Victoria, the Ambassador of Greece in Canberra and the Presedent of the Hellenic Museum.

Museum of Modern Art “ALEX MYLONA”

Organization of the opening. Publicity and press relations plan of the Museum. Sculptress Alex Mylona.

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