Advance Communication

Alexandra Ghika founded Advance Communication, Public Relation Company in 1987 and continued its activities until 2012. Was one of the leading agencies in the field of Communication services. The experience, knowledge, passion, creativity and commitment were essential ingredients and guaranteed the successful results for the clients concerning the organization and excecution according to the companies’ strategic plans. Alexandra Ghika, the owner & director, held senior positions in Public Relation at multinational Companies, 1980-1987.

Main Fields of Activities
Management of:
– corporate communication
– crisis management
– media relations
Creation of:
– corporate image
– product image
Organisation of:
– corporate events
– product launching
– Art & Cultural events
– concerts
– VIP events
– charity events
– lobbying events
(total about 280 events)
(Sample of events that stand out)

We Were Different because of:
• Experience and specialization
• Guaranteed successful results:
– achievement of client’s objectives
– high quality standards services
– high publicity results

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