Art Exhibition & Auction “Message of Love to Children” for the “Center of the Family Support”

Exhibition of paintings and sculptures at the Athens Concert Hall , with the participation of 120 artists. The donated artworks were auctioned during a gala dinner for the support of the N.G.O. of the Greek Archdioceses “Center of the Family Support”. Present 500 top VIPs of Athens. Guest of Honor Her Royal Highness Princess of Vienna, Stephanie de Windisch – Graetz.

Art Creations on Christmas Trees at Cultural Center “Hellenic Cosmos”

Creation of concept (Art Creations for a Christmas Trees Show). Organization of the show (exhibition) and Art auction during a gala dinner, for the support of the N.G.O. “THE RETURN” (young people addicted to drugs and alcohol). In addition, a strong publicity plan was organised (TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers) in order to secure visibility and attendance from the general public. Special visiting plan with interaction activities was also organized for young school childern.


The Exhibition was held at the Cultural Center of Athens (Athinais) duration 3 months, brought from ETHNIA Brussels. Under the Auspices of the Latin American Embassies in Greece. Aims: a. To present the Latin American culture and civilization for the first time in Athens. b. To educate school children, through special visiting programs Parallel activities: The Embassies presented the traditions and customs of their countries.


Alexandra Ghika, created the “ART BANK”, with the goal of transforming the offices of companies, hotels, malls, restaurants etc into a living Art gallery. We cooperate with almost all well known Greek Sculptors & Painters. We lend the Art pieces for a period of time, changing the atmosphere of the premises. We believe that the frequent access to Art can hepl people go a step further, opens their minds and hearts. “Art is the guarantee of the Spiritual Health” – LOUISE BOURGEOIS “ART is a God’s gift sent for the Progress of Mankind” – NIKOS GYZIS “I use Painting to make my Thoughts Visible” – RENE MAGRITTE “The goal of Art is not showing the reality, but Creating a New World” – G.BOTERO

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