• Helene Pavlopoulou


Studied painting with Dimitris Mytaras as her teacher and engraving at the Athens School of Fine Arts with a scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation from 1992-97.

Master in Arts in Athens School of Fine Arts with a post graduate scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation for the years 2003-04, with Tassos Christakis as her supervising professor.
She has held solo exhibitions in Athens curated by Manos Stefanidis, Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan, Eleni Gatsa, in Paris curated by Syrago Tsiara and Thalia Vrachopoulos, Constantinople, in Brussels, under the Auspices of the Greek Presidency of the Council of the E.U. curated by the hellenist spanish writer Pedro Olalla. She has also taken part in numerus Art Fairs, Art London, Art Athina, Art Instanbul, Busan Art Fair in South Korea etc. and group exhibitions in Museums in Greece, Europe, USA and China. As in Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, Frissiras Museum Athens,Catsigras Museum,Larissa,Creece, National Gallery of Athens, National Museum of Art,Beijing etc. Also she had her firt show in NY in the exhibition ‘’Woman,Mother,Daughter,Wife,Friend…’’invited by the global Art Historian and curator Thalia Vrachopoulos at the President’s Gallery in Jay College, NY.

In 2017 participated in Biennale of Beijing invited by the State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki in exhibition ‘’The Body The Soul The Place’’, curated by Maria Tsantsanoglou and Syrago Tsiara.

Works by Helene Pavlopoulou are to be found in private and public Collections, such as, inter alia, the Art Collection of the National Bank of Greece, the Bank of Piraeus Group, the Copelouzos Family Museum, the Frissiras Museum, the Thessaloniki State Museum of Contemporary Art and many other private collections in Europe and USA.

2019, participation at Trieste International Bienalle.

My participation in International Biennale of Trieste with the work Chastity Belt 110x170cm,runs until 26 of May.

Chastity belt Acrylics, pencils, charcoal, ink on canvas, 110 x 170 cm

Memory, time, the inhabited body, the suffering body, the erotic body. Locus of memory, garment, clothing that relates to or conflicts with the present. A present divesting and reflecting. A present for contemplation, looking back, returning, reformulating – all elements that have built this body and intersect it at any instant. The body’s memory.

A musical poetic environment that in manners subterranean and subcutaneous incites the scene of the birth at the same precise instant as the rupture, with a garment suspended as a pendulum in the time/space continuum and echoing with personal and collective memory.

Below the vessel, the cradle, the journey, the descent, the reconciliation, the freedom, the arrival of the unknown novel element.

And the body, the erotic body, appears suddenly lambent, naked, vulnerable and brave in a transcendental and yet real space; in a musical poetic existence of subcutaneous disquietude, of monumentality of sensuality; a reconsideration and a birth. Reclaiming and at the same time renouncing the history of memory. A redemptive birth of the body, which as a palimpsest score and as a musical instrument reproduces ancient pulsating rhythms, which incubate and are reproduced in the womb that is the female body.

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