• Nella Golanda

    Landscape Sculptor

Since 1972 Nella Golanda, Landscape Sculptor (Athens School of Fine Arts, First honorary member of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Landscape Architects 2008) has applied “TOTAL ART” in public spaces, re-establishing in human scale the relation between nature and historical landscape, aiming to regenerate life to the contemporary metropolitan cities. The visitors are guided to experience new different ways and develop new social relations in public spaces. These “live” sculptures function as interactive experimental landscapes where the creation of new art genres in possible. Art gets out of the museums and becomes a part of everyday life.


1970: 9th Mediterranean Biennale in Alexandria (prize for her engravings “Hellenic Space I-XVII). Exposition in Athens Art Gallery 1970

1973: 12th Biennale of Sao Paolo

1973: Exhibition of the Cabinet des Estampes Archives, National Library

of Paris

1976: Oswald Museum in Germany

1982: Plexiglas Constructions

1983: 14th Mediterranean Biennale in Alexandria, Athens Art Gallery

1990: Official representative of the Ministry of Culture at the Exhibition of the 12th European Member-States in Tour, France, organized by the “Association pour la promotion des arts appliqués à l’environnement” (APAAE), with general subject “The waters and Europe” and title: “Quant tous les arts se jettent à l’eau”.

Since 1995 she collaborates with Aspassia Kouzoupi, in that time still an Architecture Student in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2000 they become associates co-founding the team “Sculpted Architectural Landscapes ®”, Golanda + Kouzoupi (Urban Landscape Designer – MAS.LA.ETHZ) collaborating in large scale, public space projects.


1999: 1st Landscape Biennale in Barcelona

2003: 3rd Landscape Biennale in Barcelona

2005: 4rd Landscape Biennale in Barcelona

2006: 10th Biennale in Architecture, Venice

2007: Hybrid Landscapes, (architectural installation in Fondation Hellenique, with 2 projects: reconverting of Old Dionyssos Quarries to an Open Air Museum of old Quarrying Art, at Dionyssos, Attica, Greece and “Attiki Odos: Landscapes Between Highway and Nature”, Paris France

2010: 6th Landscape Biennale in Barcelona

2012: 7th Landscape Biennale in Barcelona

2012: Triennale di Milano 2012, Milano

2000: Barcelona, Catalonia

1st Landscape Biennale Barcelona Finalist: 1st Rosa Barba Award on Landscape for “Dionyssos Quarries: Open-Air Museum of Old Quarrying Arts”

2004: Barcelona, Catalonia

Finalist: 2004 European Prize for Urban Public Space for “Attiki Odos: Landscapes between Highway and Nature/ Ymittos Ring, micro-landscapes along the cut of Mt Ymittos” The Prize is annually organized by: CCCB-Barcelona, AzW-Wien, CAP-Paris, NAI-Rotterdam, AF-London, MFA-Helsinki. This project is exhibited at the European Archive of Urban Public Space

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