• Vangelis Tzermias


1960 Born in the Island of Greece – Crete


1980 Attended the School of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy

1980 – 1985 School of Fine Arts Athens, Greece and graduated with Honors Throughout his studies he walked with Professors D. Mytaras and E. Dekoulakos, two of Greece’s most prominent artists and academics.


1988 “Ideogramms” TITANIUM Gallery, Athens, Greece
1994 “Ulysses landscapes” TITANIUM Gallery, Athens
1994 “Landscapes of the Past” Maria Platania Gallery, Zakinthos island
1995 “Landscapes of memory” Maria Platania Gallery, Zakinthos island
1998 “Tastement” TITANIUM Gallery , Athens
2000 “Ships portraits” Anny Balta Gallery, Thessaloniki
2001 OMMA Gallery, Chania Crete
2001 Bla Bla Gallery, Brussels
2002 “The Vision” Adam Gallery, Athens
2006 “Mataroa”, French Institute of Athens
2006 “Viewing” Red Gallery, Athens
2007 “Viewing” French Institute of Thessaloniki
2008 “Ships” Gaia Gallery, Piraeus Greece
2010 “Emigré” European Parliament, Brussels. October 11th , Invited by the Greek MEP Sylvana Rapti
2010 “Sailing” Art Privé Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2011 “Wandering” Gysi Megaron Santorini island
2011 “Webs” GK Gallery, Athens
2011 “Adventures” Cube Gallery, Patra Greece
2012 “No Return” Institute Of Greek Culture, Berlin
2012 “Aegean Sea” Astir Pallas Vouliagmeni, Athens
2013 “Still Life” Theorema Gallery, Brussels


1985 Show of excelled graduates of Athens School of Fine Arts, Andros Island
1989 “Formulations Plastiques” Lyssée Leonin, Athens
1990 “Art and Technology” TITANIUM Gallery, Athens
1992 “Night Passage” TITANIUM Gallery, Athens
1993 ART ATHENA International Fair, Athens
1995 Maria Platania Gallery, Zakinthos island
1997 Metopi Gallery
1998 “Crossroads of Crete” Tzamia & Crystalla Chania, Crete
2001 “Small and Polymorphic” Stigma Gallery
2002 ART CITY Stavros Mihalarias, Athens, Greece


Centre for Contemporary Art, Rethimnon, Crete

2005 Vores Museam, Paiania Attica
2006 Iris Gallery
2006 Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Curator Th. Moutsopoulos
2009 Ichnilaton Gallery
2009 Bonikos Gallery, Athens
2010 “Thalasses” Gaia Gallery , Piraeus


1998 Newspaper “TA NEA“ 10/5, article by the Art Historian H. Kambourides

1998 Exhibition catalogue – article by the Art Historian Manos Stefanides
1995 Newspaper “Eleftherotypia” – Epsilon Magazine 2/7 article by G. Karouzakis
1998 Magazine “ANTI“ article by Art Historian Manos Stefanides
1998 Magazine “Marie Claire” October issue, article by Art Historian T. Mavrotas
1998 Newspaper “Eleftherotypia” article by the Art Critic Maria Maragou
2002 Newspaper “Eleftherotypia” June issue, article by journalist G. Karouzakis
2004 Financial Newspaper “Axia“ article by journalist TH. Varlamis
2006 Newspaper “To Vima” presentation of his recent work
2008 Exhibition catalogue – article by the Art Historian Evrid. Trisson
2009 Newspaper “Ethnos” “Icons” magazine December issue, commentary on his work
2010 Financial Newspaper “Axia” article by the journalist H. Michalopoulos
2010 TV report by Greek TV Channels ET 1, & ET2 on his solo exhibition that took place at the European Parliament premises in Brussels
2010 Newspaper “Ethnos” – Panorama Magazine, November issue, article by Giota Argyropoulou regarding his solo exhibition at the European Parliament, Brussels


Athens School of Fine Arts, National Bank of Greece,
General Bank of Greece, Athinais, Centre for Contemporary
Art at Rethimnon, Aegean Museum, Chania
Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Florina, Viannos Art Gallery,
Greek- British Chamber, Museum of Cretan Ethnology,
Moschandreou Art Gallery, Municipality of Marousi, Municipality
of Kallithea, and in many private collections in
Greece and abroad.

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